Number # 2

Renewable Matter

2015 January- February

Europe and the circular economy: a focus on community policies at a turning point for the green economy. With contributions by Kate Raworth, Johan Rockström, Robert Costanza.

Agriculture's Second Green Life by Sara Guerrini
When Innovation and Recycling Go Hand in Hand by Giorgio Lonardi
Still Too Many Landfills, and They Will Only Last Two More Years by Maurizio Quaranta
Glass Recycling Is km 0 by Marco Gisotti
How the World's Economic Growth Is Actually Un-Economic by Robert Costanza
Over 50 Billion Tons of Matter Wasted Every Year: Resources to Preserve by Aldo Femia
The Doughnut Economy by Kate Raworth
Europe's Recovery Depends on Green Fuel by Antonio Cianciullo
Rockstrà¶m, 'Biomaterials: A Viable Alternative to Fossil Fuels' by Emanuele Bompan
Elemental Sustainability by James Clark
Circular Economy: All Eyes on the Juncker Commission's Next Move by Joanna Dupont-Inglis
Is Europe Changing Its Policy on the Circular Economy? by Francesco Petrucci
The War for Biomass by Mario Bonaccorso
In Italy the Bioeconomy Is Worth 241 Billion Euro by Mario Bonaccorso
Waste Thieves by Antonio Pergolizzi
The Blue Economy Is Worth 500 Billion Euro by Ilaria Nardello
Why China is Embracing the Circular Economy by Johnson Yeh
In the Large-Scale Retail Trade, One Carrier Bag Out of Two Is Illegal by Stefano Ciafani
Kickstarting the Circular Economy in China by Carlo Pesso
The Bio Base Europe Pilot Plant by Hendrik Waegeman
Eco-Friendly Playing Fields by Roberto Rizzo
Net Gain: Fighting Ocean Pollution by Nancy Averett