Number # 1

Renewable Matter

2014 November-December

The first issue of Renewable Matter is a declaration of intent, with a broad overview of the bioeconomy and reflections by Christian Patermann of the European Commission, Gunter Pauli, Edo Ronchi, Catia Bastioli.

The Peak of Resources by Ugo Bardi
Urban Mine
The Many Lives of Matter. Here's how to Convert it Back
Towards Renewable Matter by Antonio Cianciullo
Growth, Sustainability and the Bioeconomy. An Uneasy Triangle? by Christian Patermann
It Takes an Integrated and Connected Knowledge by Gunter Pauli
Stages of Change by Gianni Silvestrini
Energies Sustainability and Renewable Materials by Edo Ronchi
Changing the Relationship between the Economy, Territories and People by Catia Bastioli
Bioeconomy's Triple Advantage by Antonio Di Giulio
Fighting Waste to Produce New Wealth by Luigi Bistagnino
5 Drivers for a Changing Economy by Marco Frey
Bioeconomy: a European Gamble by Redazione
Revision of the Waste Directive and Prospects for a European Circular Economy
Employment, Research and Innovation for Sustainable Growth by Lucia Gardossi
A Ban Spurs the Launch of the Bioeconomy in Italy: the Case of Shopping Bags by Francesco Ferrante
It Takes a Flower by Marco Gisotti
The European Path to Bioeconomy Runs through Clusters by Mario Bonaccorso
CO2: From Climate Killer to Resource by Fabrizio Sibilla
Used Oil: 30 Years of Green Economy by Roberto Coizet
Made and ReMade in Italy by Roberto Rizzo
PLASTiCE Project: Promoting Sustainable Plastics in Central Europe by Andrej Kr┼żan
The Virtuous Circle of Regeneration by Roberto Rizzo
A New Frontier for Start-Ups by Carlo Pesso
From Recycling to High-End Products by Marco Moro
The New Juncker Commission: High Speed Link or Slow Business as Usual? by Joanna Dupont-Inglis
Plastic Mediterranean Sea by Stefano Ciafani
Portugal Returns to Sea by Ilaria Nardello