Lauren Phipps

Lauren Philips is a solutions-oriented sceptic, systems-thinker, and strategic problem-solver. Dedicated to accelerating circular economy solutions at the intersection of business, sustainability, technology and equity. Lauren leads circular economy content and coverage as the Director & Senior Analyst on Circular Economy at GreenBiz Group.

When design helps to develop an end-of-life experience

In the context of product life cycles and the circular economy, the phrase "end of life" typically refers to the point at which a product or service has reached the conclusion of i...

The rise of the corporate circular economy professional

"Circular economy" was the fastest rising skill among all LinkedIn users in 2019, according to GreenBiz’s State of the Profession Report. Although the circular economy’s momentum i...

Is it Always Circular to Turn a Product into a Service?

As more companies begin to explore alternatives to the linear “sell it and forget it” business model, Product as a Service (PaaS) is gaining traction.One of the five core business ...

Google Revolution

Greenbiz Group – Circularity 19 This article is adapted from the newsletter Circular Weekly,