The largest circular economy conference in the United States, organized by GreenBiz, will be held online, on 25 - 27 August 2020. Circularity 20 was expected to take place in Atlanta, but given the evolving viability of in-person convenings, the organizers opted for a complimentary online event.
In the three days of conferences you can listen to plenary sessions led by experts, professionals and opinion leaders, participate in deep-dive tutorials and interactive breakouts, network and learn about the latest innovative circularity solutions. More than
10,000 professionals are expected to connect from all over the world to take part in the event. Speakers include Ellen MacArthur, Morgan Stanley's Audrey Choi, Cradle to Cradle Products Innovation Institute's Christina Raab and many others.
“This time of unprecedented challenges –
the organizers write - requires systemic solutions and radical new ways of doing business. Circularity 20 will empower participants to employ circular economy principles that navigate disruption, increase resilience, respond to shifting consumer demand and unlock new business opportunities”. It will be an important opportunity to learn, connect and accelerate the circular economy.

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