The “ReShape: innovability to build a brighter future” call, launched by Enel for startups and SMEs around the world, will remain open until November 30, 2020. The energy multinational is looking for ideas and solutions to re-imagine the post Covid-19 business, for a near future where the keywords will be sustainable innovation and energy transition.

The objectives of Enel's ReShape call

"The challenges launched in the call for tender - Enel explains - cover all business lines, from power generation to the creation of new value-added products and services, from robotics to AI, from virtual reality to automation, from the construction of renewable power plants to technologies and algorithms to better understand customer needs, with the aim to rationalize the entire customer journey in the digital age".
Specifically, the objectives are: automation in the construction of renewable energy plants; sanitization of field operations and outdoor spaces; remote assistance for Enel X customers; user profiling; promoting the digital experience of customers and developing connectivity to overcome social inequalities, especially in rural areas; digitization of recovery plans for local markets in order to promote social and economic sustainability.

Sustainable innovation

To present its model of open innovation combined with sustainability, the Enel Group coined the term "Innovability". It means, they explain, that "to be sustainable, it is necessary to constantly innovate and, at the same time, every innovation pursued must necessarily be sustainable".

"The open innovation model applied by Enel has contributed to the consolidation of leadership in the energy sector. In recent years, the Group has analyzed over 10 thousand proposals and solutions and activated more than 650 projects; of these, about half have been successfully carried out and 114 have been implemented globally”.