Barilla is supporter with Edizioni Ambiente for Renewable Matter project

Originally established in 1877 as a bread and pasta shop in Parma, today Barilla ranks as one of Italy’s top food groups. Barilla is the market leader in the global pasta business, in the pasta sauces business in continental Europe, in the bakery products business in Italy and in the crisp bread business in Scandinavia.
For almost 140 years, the company has been run by a family that now, under the leadership of brothers Guido, Luca and Paolo, has reached its fourth generation.
The Barilla Group employs 8,300 people, 4,500 of which in Italy, and has a turnover of more than €3 billion. The company owns 30 production sites: 14 in Italy and 16 abroad. The Pedrignano plant in the outskirts of Parma is the largest pasta factory in the world: every day it produces 150,000 km of spaghetti, enough to go around the Earth four times.

Originally, speaking of “Quality” with regard to food referred to the value of taste and food safety. As time went on, we came to realize that a quality product is one that is also healthy and with a balanced nutritional content. The final step was understanding that working on Total Quality means ensuring that the result - the food we produce - is not only good for people, but also good for the Planet.
Barilla’s business strategy stems from this awareness.


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