Ce.R.S.I.Te.S is networking partner with Edizioni Ambiente for Renewable Matter project

Ce.R.S.I.Te.S., Research and Service Center for Sustainable Technological Innovation, promotes and sustains both teaching and research activities developed by The University of Roma “La Sapienza” in the Latina Pole. Among the Faculties belonging to the Pole, the Faculty of Civil and Industrial Engineering accounts for laboratories and structures dealing with primary and secondary raw materials and their relationships with the territory in a circular economy perspective. Such activities are developed both at national and international level. The Raw Materials Lab is under the supervision of prof. Giuseppe Bonifazi and prof. Silvia Serranti. Research activities are mainly addressed to primary and secondary raw materials characterization and processing utilizing both classical and innovative procedures with particular reference to the utilization of hyperspectral imaging for materials/products quality control assessment and certification. The Territorial Design Lab, managed by prof. Alberto Budoni, is involved in waste cycle analysis, with reference to different urban and territorial contexts. This activity is mainly addressed to identify new management strategies oriented to conjugate circular economy, local development and awareness of place. The Ore Mining Museum, belonging to the Sapienza Museum Pole, directed by prof. Silvia Serranti, offers a wide collection of the main Italian ornamental stones and a collection of mineralized rocks from Italian and overseas ores.


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