Insight: Renewable Matter’s In-Depth Thematic Analyses

As of the end of 2015, new publications will be added to the Magazine: single-subject studies on particularly innovative specific sectors or experiences, able to provide documentary evidence on the most advanced scenarios of the new matter economy. They will be called Renewable Matter’s Insights, publications written according to the magazine’s editorial choices and distributed through the same channels. The insights can be published in one or two languages. The format is the same as that of the magazine (cm 21 X 29.7), the number of pages can vary between 64 to 128, depending on the scope of the subject matter. The printed version (made with special paper) is distributed to a specific mailing list, agreed with the partners involved, while the on-line version is downloadable free of charge on the magazine’s websites. Dissemination is carried out through the publishing house’s network and thanks to our Networking Partners’ collaboration, both in Italy and abroad.